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Can I Pay Less

If you use credit cards, own a mobile phone, have a mortgage and drive, then you might be spending too much. You might be asking, “Can I pay less?”

CanIPayLess already had a superior algorithm that analyzes countless card attributes and is far better at finding the right credit card for savings, points or rewards than any of its competitors. However, as a new player in a large market of websites and apps offering financial or savings advice and help, the company needed to highlight how it was different. It came to us for help in defining a corporate identity that would set it apart from the competition and convey the benefits of its system.

We established a mascot, “Sam the Sasquatch,” and integrated him into the branding. We also helped with page architecture and interaction design and development to ensure the user experience was clean, simple and straightforward.

Our Role

  • Identity & Branding Design
  • Web Design





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